TRAVEL , it makes you modest !!!







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Since our needs are different , but I think these are always important for all of us . Soo people LET’S GET STARTED.


1. This is the MOST SIGNIFICANT thing that you should carry with you is: YOUR IDENTITY PROOF!
I know many people carry them in their wallets but yes some like me, I don’t usually keep them with me in my wallet and always end up regretting it later. So yes this is the basic thing because these days in hotels as well they ask for your ID PROOF, so if you don’t have it with you might end up getting no room. LOL. JUST KIDDING. Not only in hotels it can be needed anytime anywhere. Sooo , according to me it is very very very IMPORTANT. Keep at least 2 ID proofs with you.

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2. CHARGER: Yes, at the present time mobile phones are lifelines of people not only younger generation but all the age group find it important. These are the things that we think, ‘ Arey yaar charger hi to hai rakh lungi baaad main ‘ and we usually forget it later. So do not forget to keep it with you!


3. TOILETRIES: This is VITAL to carry toiletries with you though you will get them at the hotels as well but it’s always good to be on safer side.
(toiletries like : soaps , face wash , your tooth brush , etc.)
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4. HAND SANITIZER AND WET TISSUES: While you travel you get in direct contact with dust so it is very important to carry hand sanitizer for your personal hygiene and wet tissues for face just to remove dust from face.

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5. OHHH YES! Do not forget your FIRST AID KIT. It is very important to keep it with you as during long journeys you feel jetlag, get headache or indigestion so you need medicines.
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I hope this have helped you to pack or keep your essentials with you.
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Have safe and enjoyable trip!